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[phono-tx] Teaching resources?


Hello group!

I am looking for suggestions of teaching resources for a course on Phonological Disorders in Children. In Spring of 2010 I taught this course for the first time and used the following texts:

Bernthal, J., Bankson, N., & Flipsen, P. (2009). Articulation and Phonological Disorders: Speech Sound Disorders in Children, 6th ed., Allyn & Bacon, ISBN 13 978-0-205-56926-7.

Lowe, R., (2002). Workbook for the Identification of Phonological Processes and Distinctive Features, 3rd ed., Pro-Ed, Austin TX.

The former was an excellent resource and sound basis for teaching the course (no pun intended); the latter also provided a good summary of phonetic transcription methods and phonological rules (though some of the conventions conflicted with the main course text).

What would be particularly helpful would be suggestions of available videos or treatment materials to "make the course come alive" for students (who are a mixture of upper-level undergraduates and first- or second-year master's students). I used some borrowed audiovisual materials and clips this past semester but am sure there are other, probably better, materials out there. Those of you who are practicing professionals, how would you convey this material to students? Faculty instructors, what materials do you use? Students, what would you like to see in such a course?

This group has been a wonderful resource. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Dr. Laura Dilley
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