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[ShovelBums.Org] US ShovelBums Please VOTE today

I do not care which way you vote today, but please get out and vote and importantly make sure others get out and vote!  If you need to take some time off to help family members to get out and vote please do so. 

UNSOLICITED RANT (with facts and sources):

I am disgusted with all current parties for the mudslinging and crap they are throwing out as "ads".   If you know someone who is confused by the conflicting (and often useless) information on TV feel free to forward the information below which includes links to citable sources.  I am not trying to imply the current administration is without fault.  What I am trying to do is correct a few of the more egregious misconceptions which are misleading people.

Short Version (paraphrasing the old quote):
The economy is better stupid!
You ARE paying lower taxes stupid!

Long version:

If you are on a social networking site, please repost these factual bits to help people understand so they can make accurate choices, and encourage others to do the same (use the short or long versions, just be sure to include links!  Facts are what it is all about).

First and foremost. The current administration has CUT taxes (bet you did not know that :-) you really believe those ads on TV?). Check the references yourself below before you complain about the democrats "taxing" all the time: You can read more on this at the link at the end of this. The bottom line is, your taxes are lower. Don't believe what you see on TV. Check the facts and vote for truth.

The economy is worse?  Nope!  It still sucks BUT it is improving (Not fast enough for you?  Hello, have read up on recovery from the great depression?).  The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) estimates that the federal budget deficit was about $1.3 trillion in fiscal year 2010, $125 billion less than the shortfall recorded in 2009. NOTE: The FY 2009 budget is a result of the 2008 congress spending choices. Sources:
Much longer boring read:  

(Here is a link to the cool graphic on the deficit above incase the image does not come through: )

Did the current administration bailout Wall Street?  Nope - congress voted for TARP which was signed into law in October, 2008 (the president could have done a veto).

The government is sending jobs overseas?  HELLO?  Do you know someone who shops at Walmart?  How do you think they meet the LOW prices consumers DEMAND?  They force manufactures to cut costs, and but employees always want better pay (do people ever ask for a pay cut?), the manufacturer can't meet Walmart's prices because of the salary, so they ship the jobs overseas. BTW you are reading this on a monitor made overseas, I'm just sayin'...

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