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[ShovelBums.Org] -> 12th anniversary today


12 years
15,300 active members (as of 3:00 PM).
7,588 postings
23,000+ positions filled

Heck yeah! Those are pretty sweet numbers my friend! And they only, and I mean ONLY, exist because of you! Thank you all for the opportunity to nurture this tool for all of us to use.

As always many thanks to Jim Colburn who helps to moderate the list and get to messages when I can't. If you know Jim, please buy him a drink next time you see him out and say thanks.

Thanks to the original Pocket_Gophers (all masters students back in the day at the University of Arkansas) for helping with the original push to get the word out about ShovelBums: Jim Strait Esq., Dr. James Davidson, Dr. Melissa Zabecki Harvey, Rachel Black (ABD), Dr. Kory Cooper, Jennifer Boudreaux Kolise, Barbara Bundy, Bill Gardner, Dr. John Schaefer, Joe Nigro, Roula Khawam, Dr. Elayne Pope, Michelle Berg Vogel, Dr. Greg Vogel, Ryan Peterson, Jennifer Thompson, Rich Allan, Monica Lucas Moss, Alynne Bayard, Dr. Jamie Brandon. If you happen to know any of these fine folk please do me a favor and buy them a drink the next time you have a chance, they really helped and encouraged me when ShovelBums was in its earliest days.

To help celebrate ShovelBums turning 12 I am sending out a message in awhile about the formation of "BioBums" to provide a ShovelBums level service to the biological community.

Feel free to use the 12th anniversary to grab some gear at :-) my mark up is so low I can't effectively have a sale, but I try to keep the prices as low as possible above my vendors base price (typically about $5).

Again, Thank you very much for making ShovelBums work.


R. Joe Brandon

Recent Activity:
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The most important aspect of this list is that it is for one purpose only.: announcing jobs/non paying volunteer postings in the international CRM field at all levels; Field Tech, Professors, SHPO�s, etc...  Caveat Emptor though my friends.  Not all jobs pay the same, nor is their treatment of employees the same - as the companies are checking your references, you should also check them out - make sure they pay fair wages, treat their employees professionally, and do quality work.  If you have at least a BA you deserve fair remuneration, so ask for it, and in turn you provide your employer with excellent service.   You ARE a trained professional, NOT a "shovelbum"  - the name is in jest - act professional, expect to be treated like one.

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ShovelBums hiring rule #1.  Always call 2-3 references before taking on a crew member!
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