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[phono-tx] Re:Signing and emergent language


Dear friends, I would also like to know if I should advise my parents of late talkers (but otherwise typical development) to introduce signs for children around 18 to 24 months. Also, for those children with no words, is some type of communication system indicated? I would like to reduce frustration for some of the children on my caseload. I am wondering what is the best route? The most often thing I hear is that the child can basically get what he wants by pointing, grunting, facial expressions, dragging mom over, etc. however there are times when the child wants something and the adult just cannot figure out what it is. Frustration ensues. In that situation, what sign or system would be helpful? Signing "more" or "cookie" (two frequently signed words) isn't going to be sufficient in that situation. And a picture/photo board...of things the child usually that overkill? Not every family is going to have the ability to put something like that together, although some would if I recommended it. Please advise...I am thinking of waiting until the second birthday arrives and seeing how many words the children have and what the level of frustration is before recommending an all-out effort to introduce augmentative communication. Signing seems to be helpful for a few key words, but I have never seen a young child really "communicate" via sign (unless hearing impaired).

Thank you, Kerry Wilson, M.A. CCC-SLP


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