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Buying Beads for Jewelry

Buying Beads for Jewelry

Buying Beads for Jewelry

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 08:51 AM PDT

Beads play an important role in the formation and beautification of jewelry. There are different types of beads which one can buy from the market easily but he or she needs to be well aware of them. It can be a complicated process to buy beads for jewelry. Beads are of different sizes, shapes, materials, colors and prices. It is common that buyers buy wrong beads due to their sizes in millimeters or they buy more than needed. However if little knowledge or common sense is used then it is not a tough work.
The size of beads is in between the range of 1mm to 3mm. the most popular beads are of Chinese, Japanese or Czech. Japanese and Chinese beads are uniform while the Czech beads are uneven in their shape. They are small in size and can be kept in a bag or tubes. Larger beads are available in loose form at cheap prices but they are heavy in weight. We have mailed beads and pearls to our customers and they claim that we have sent them beads for wrong size. Actually the size of the bead depends on its type and material. There might be little variation in size but they look large in pictures only. Beads are easily available in the market.
It is not tough to judge that how many beads you need for your jewelry. You just need to divide the size of the bead on the length of the chain or necklace. If you buy more beads then you are going to waste your money. The material of the bead depends on your requirement and investment. Metal beads are available in nearly all shapes and material such as silver, copper and gold. Lampwork beads are also used in the jewelry often.

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