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Korean Vocabulary #14: Korean Food (Beef) 소/쇠고기

Korean Vocabulary #14: Korean Food (Beef) 소/쇠고기

Korean Vocabulary #14: Korean Food (Beef) 소/쇠고기

Posted: 22 Aug 2012 01:20 AM PDT

Beef 소/쇠고기 so/soegogi Grilled marinated beef ribs 갈비 galbi Seasoned beef ribs 양념갈비 yangnyeomgalbi Grilled unfrozen beef ribs 생갈비 saenggalbi Grilled meat of beef ribs 갈비살 galbisal Grilled marinated beef 불고기 bulgogi Grilled beef and mushroom 버섯 불고기 beoseot bulgogi Bulgogi stew in an earthen pot 뚝배기 불고기 ttukbaegi bulgogi ...

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